• The IT Expertise of Prieur Leary Makes Companies More Secure

  • Posted on July 15, 2018
  • For the most part, information technology (IT) refers to the storage, movement and manipulation of data happens in the context of business, but it can also be a critical part of educational and charitable pursuits, as well. That is why Prieur Leary focuses so much on cybersecurity in his career in IT. One reason is his other specialty, which is helping people make investments and grow their wealth. His methods and theories translate to any type of IT systems, though, so everyone is safer when they act on his counsel.

    It is certainly the case that Prieur Leary has thus far enjoyed a long and very fruitful career in the information technology industry, otherwise known as the technology industry. In part because he is fluent in Spanish and also understands Portuguese, he has been able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of international business relations. That said, however, Prieur Leary’s specialty, however, is in the area of information technology, which is the science involving the use of computers to store information/data, or to retrieve, transmit and/or manipulate that data.

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